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3.18 | The Confessionals Crossover: Dogman Theory, Sky Creatures and Conspiracy Culture

Well hello hello Belieflings. On todays episode, we pull out the pickaxe and make room in the Belief Hole for a fellow intrepid explorer of the bizarre and the unexplained.

Tony Merkel from The Confessionals podcast joins us as we dissect some conspiracy culture and recount true tales of coyote chomping dogmen, wounded sky beasts, alien abduction and Bigfoot bigotry. So turn up the volume and open your mind, as we set out into the void!

Also… Cynocephali breakdown, Tony’s love language, and Jon gets abducted!

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The Confessionals:


01:10 | Topic Introduction – true stories of Dogman, sky creatures and more w/ Tony Merkel of The Confessionals podcast
05:55 | The genesis of a paranormal podcaster – Tony’s Story
13:51 | Dogman Hunting in Kentucky
14:59 | Three possible realities of the Dogman
17:13 | Dog VS Dogman – Kyle’s Kentucky Encounter | STORY
24:54 | Cynocephali – Dog-headed men recorded in history
28:16 | The brain as a filter – limiting our view of the paranormal
32:52 | National Parks Containment Theory – Missing 411 + Dogman
39:48 | Expansion Preview – Freaky Bigfoot and Hairy High Strangeness
42:16 | Jeremy Encounters Smoke Monster in Akron, Ohio | STORY
52:41 | Sky Creature | Biological UFO Encounter | STORY
55:05 | Paranormal Dogma VS Open Mindedness
59:36 | Conspiratainment and the Satanism Debate
01:15:29 | Jon encounters a UFO in Austin, TX | STORY
01:23:08 | NDEs and the Afterlife
01:28:31 | Episode wrap-up

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