3.14 | Strange Listener Stories 10

Haunted Woodland Skulls, Backroad UFO Standoffs and Weather-Bending House Ghosts

It starts with just a trickle.. but over time the river swells and rips open the earth to divulge dark, forbidden treasures. What spirits lay in wait to guard the sacred bounty of lost bones?

What’s it like to see beyond the veil? From Highway Spooklight Standoffs and Weather-wielding house ghosts, to unexplained footsteps and clandestine, Navy rendezvous with otherworldly craft, we unearth these Strange but True Stories of the inexplicable and the unknown.


2:23 | Topic Introduction – True, Strange Listener Stories – Haunted Woodland Skulls, Backroad UFO Standoffs, Weather-Bending House Ghosts, Untold UFO Encounter on the USS Nimitz and More!
04:40 | Setting the Scene
05:14 | Haunted Woodland Skull | Jeff | STORY
15:15 | Jeremy Finds a Giant Skull in Doylestown, OH
19:07 | An Unusual Night on the USS Nimitz | Tracy | STORY
24:10 | Expansion Preview: Something’s in the House! Disturbing Domicile Disturbances and Uninvited Guests 

27:07 | A Menagerie of Lingering Companions | James Day | STORY
39:46 | An Uninvited Guest (or) Home Alone-ish | English Chris | STORY
48:09 | Footsteps of the Unknown | Motif of the Ghost Footprint in Spectral Phenomena
50:00 | Watery Wraith at the Gap Warehouse | Groveport, OH
51:27 | Expansion Discussion| Something’s in the House
56:52 | Kikimora and Domovoi| House Spirits of the Philippines

59:04 |UFO Chicken | Oscar Romo (from the Induced Fear podcast) | STORY
1:05:05 | Watching You Race with Amazing Grace (psychic medium Account) | Brady H | STORY
1:18:14 | Patron and Expansion Member Thank Yous!

3.14 EXP | Somethings in the House - Disturbing Domicile Disturbances and Uninvited Guests

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