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3.12 | Conjured Characters Come to Life, Authors’ Paranormal Revelations

What power might we have to conjure our own creations from the void? Is it possible to, even inadvertently, focus so much energy and attention on an idea or an image, that we draw it forth from the darkness of a nameless space and into a coffee shop or a gas station on our daily route?

On this episode, we recount reality-bending experiences from sci-fi and comic authors and artists such as Philip K Dick, Alan Moore, and Barry Windsor-Smith, who incorporated their incredible brushes with the paranormal into their work. And with the help of Jeffrey J. Kripal’s ‘Mutants and Mystics’, we begin to examine the fraying threads at the edges of our reality and ask the question, “who is writing who?”.

Could the tales of creators bumping into their own creations be just a small footnote within the pages of a compendium of collected high-strangeness stories that all point to staggering truth about life itself?

So, Fill up the inkwell and brush off the moleskin, cause we’re gonna conjure us some cosmic adventure!

Also.. Sex Magic Consideration, Escaping a Drunken Car Chase, and Everybody Loves Keanu Reeves


4:02 | Topic Introduction – Authors’ reality-altering paranormal experiences
7:11 | Angels and Free will Correction from Jinn Episode
9:57 | Authors receive hidden knowledge by supernatural force – VALIS – Phillip K Dick
12:29 | QUESTION OF THE DAY: can reality and characters be written into existence?
13:16 | Jeffrey J Cripple Quote: “Re-enchanting” the academic field, Bringing the magic back
Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, And The Paranormal
14:50 | Alan Moore – infusing magic and occult into Pop Culture
16:27 | Alan Moore runs into his character, Constantine, in real life
18:46 | Keanu Reeves a nice guy or supernatural being?
19:45 | The paranormal writes us as we write the paranormal
25:28 | Kripal on Alan Moore’s magical experience

27:08 |  Alan Moore talking to Goetic demons on magic mushrooms
29:53 | Expansion Preview – Real Mermaid Encounters, Siren Stories and Strange Seas
21:22 | Expansion Clip – the darker side of mermaids
34:05 | Pop Culture created from private paranormal experiences | Jeffrey Kripal – Doug Moench

35:25 | Planet of the Apes comic book writer conjures black-hooded intruder
39:21 | Creating Tulpas, Thought Forms, and Golems
42:43 | Crisis Apparitions/ ghost encounters decrease with the rise of television and technology distraction
44:05 | Conan the Barbarian – time travel visions
50:28 | Barry Windsor-Smith and the Black Waves of Time
58:22 | How to trick drunk drivers during a car chase
1:00:17 | Disentangling the mind from the brain, post-humanism challenge
1:04:04 | The Star Trek Transporter Paradox and the Tuvix Conundrum
1:06:21 | Phillip K Dick – VALIS – his real experience with gnosis
1:09:59 | Phillip K Dick Simulation Theory Clip
01:12:32 | Phillip K Dick meets Kathy, triggers cascade go gnostic experiences
1:14:50 | Boto Encantado – mythical man-dolphin from Brazil
1:16:08 | Phillip K Dick – Parallel timelines inspired by past lives and future visions

1:18:30 | Was Phillip K Dick psychotic? On drugs? Mental Illness VS Reality Revelations
1:24:35 | Hello JO! and Thank You Patrons/Members






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