3.10 | Listener Stories 8

Triangle UFOs, Winged Humanoids, Ouija Board Ghosts, and Floating Hand Freakouts

Tucked within the shadows of our everyday world are strange tales of supernatural visitations and confounding paranormal events. And as we travel deeper into the mouth of the Belief Hole, the high-strangeness begins to seep from her very walls.

On todays episode, we’ll hear accounts of red, spell-casting disembodied hands, Ouija Board women scaling walls, triangle crafts buzzing neighborhoods and a Glimmer Man in the forest.. Even Death himself stops by for a terrifying wellness check.

Also.. Winged Humanoids of Missouri, Jon runs from a Tornado and we pay tribute to Jeremy the Ruiner.



3:53 | Grim Reaper Reality discussion
7:32 | Flying Humanoids of Missouri
8:25 | Jon dreams of tornados
9:18 | Expansion convo- Joplin Butterfly People
11:01 | Jons words of the day
12:32 | Glimmerman/ Forest Fluid being – Shannon |  STORY
15:13 | Ouija Woman in the Hall – Kris | STORY
20:04 | Glimpse of the Reaper – Jay | STORY
26:14 | Red Hand Summoned – Simon | STORY 
33:20 | It Drew Him to the Pregnant Hill – Shane | STORY
37:14 | Secrets in the Sky – Ryan | STORY
44:42 | Triangle UFOs of Missouri | Jon’s Angry Lady
48:48 | Vertical Skyship 3 Football Fields Long – Mufon | STORY
50:24 | Pentagon UFO Statement and Bob Lazar
53:43 | Triangle UFO vs Ham Radio – Mufon | STORY
57:24 | Winged Humanoid Joplin, MO | Bailee | STORY
1:04:21 | Men shouldn’t have nipples
1:06:34 | Missouri wind humanoid corroborating accounts
1:08:25 | Stinger – DeeJ Benson 
1:10:09 New Member Thank Yous

EXPANSION EPISODE 3.10 EXP | Joplin Butterfly People and Creepier Winged Humanoids


Corroborating Winged Humanoid Stories – Missouri

‘Large, Dark’ Flying Humanoid Seen in 2016 near West Alton, Missouri | Singular Fortean

Black Winged Humanoid Observed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri | Phantoms and Monsters

Turkey Creek Flying Humanoid | Phantoms and Monsters

Corroborating Triangular UFO Stories – Missouri

Black  Triangular UFOs Hover Above Radio Antenna | MUFON

Silent Massive Triangular Craft, MO | MUFON

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