3.04 | Broadcasts from the Beyond, ITC and Marcello Bacci’s Spirit Radio

Our story begins with a man and his vacuum tube radio in Grosseto, Italy, in 1949. There Marcello Bacci sat, one hand caressing his radio, and the other carefully turning the dial, tuning in his strange transmissions. Not music, news broadcasts or normal radio programs, but rather.. voices from beyond. Voices of spirit. Voices of the dead.

For decades Bacci would hold sessions in tightly packed rooms filled with grieving mothers and family members of those who’ve crossed over. And while he could be classified as a medium, what makes him unique is that he didn’t channel the spirits or entities himself, but rather, they spoke through his radio, in their own warbly voices, recognizable to those that knew them in life.

Following in the footsteps of Fathers Ernetti and Gemelli, as well as Friedrich Juergenson – the father of EVP, Bacci, along with his contemporaries in the Scole group, reached through the ether to collect audio evidence of a dimension beyond death. A realm where voices seem to be trying to reach back to us.

Are these really the voices of the dead? Is there a way to tune in voices and images from dimensions beyond ours? What might we learn from these strange transmissions and broadcasts from beyond?

Also.. Edison’s Spirit Phone, and Jeremy thinks little people live inside you

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4:10 | Topic Introduction – Marcello Bacci – Strange Transmissions/ Voices from Beyond
8:40 | Thomas Edison’s Spirit Phone
9:55 | Edison on Electronic Apparatus to Contact the Dead | Quote
15:35| ITC -Instrumental Transcommunication VS EVP
16:30 | Friedrich Juergenson – Father of EVP – Ghost Voices Caught on Tape 1959
20:19  | Priests Accidentally Record Voice of Spirit in 1950s
24:48 | Attempts to Debunk Bacci
27:32 | First Hand Account in Bacci’s “Dialogue with the Dead”
39:00 | Rupert Sheldrake on Skepticism and Materialism
45:56 | Voice Analysts Describe Vocal Characteristics of Bacci’s Spirit Transmissions
48:26 | Bacci’s Spirit Voices Recorded – Messages from Other Side
56:25 | ITC- Instrumental Transcommunication and The Vertical Plane Story
57:37 | More Spirit Voices Speaking in German (Verification)
59:20 | Spirits from Loved Ones (Marco Calling Momma, and Charo)
1:02:42 | Q and A with Entities/Spirits From Other Side
1:15:15 | Expansion Preview – Scole Experiments – Contacting Other Realms
1:16:44 | Stinger – Erica Awes!
1:19:01 | Member/Patron Thank Yous


E23 | Navy’s UFO Splash, EVPs and Ghostly Voices

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The method used for by Jochem Fornoff to capture the ITC video recordings – the so-called feedback method – which goes back to the “pioneer” of video images, Klaus Schreiber, who died in 1988. Here, the image recorded by the camera is filmed again from the television screen, while it is simultaneously recorded by a video recorder.

Read More: Association for Transcommunication Research (VTF)

Klaus-Schreiber - Fornoff - ITC Video Recording Process Diagram



A First-Hand Account  – In Session with Marcello Bacci’s Spirit Radio:
An Unexplored Domain Of Non locality: Toward A Scientific Explanation Of Instrumental Transcommunication
Irvin Lazlo

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