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2.24 | Strange Listener Stories 5 – Glowing Jungle Spirits, Walmart Wizards, and Secrets in the Ceiling!

If you doubt that there is still mystery and magic in the world, then all you need to do is crank the volume on yet another Strange Listener Stories episode! We’ve got glowing forest beings, Walmart wizards, and maniacal manifesting clown dolls.. just to name a few! So light a candle, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and prepare to.. be disturbed.

Also.. random-number-generating final destinations and Jon puts Jeremy back in the ceiling!


5:18 | Topic Introduction – Costa Rican Jungle Spirits, Evil Clown Dolls, Walmart Wizards and more!
7:53 | Randonauting – Letting Quantum Consciousness take the Wheel
11:22 | Watcher in the Wood – Carla Mora [STORY]
20:57 | Curupira -‘Inhabitant of the Wood’
24:12 | Send in the Clown..Dolls!..with Evil Intent! – Shaelene [STORY]
27:21 | Clown Doll Falls from Sky, Terrorizes Woman!
32:00 | Expansion Introduction
43:30 | Expansion Preview – Strange Stories from the Stocking and Dark Toys
38:18 | Walmart Wizard – Jonny [Story]
41:41 | Mysterious Micronesian Islands
43:49 | Cave Tracers – Denise B [Story]
47:22 | White Mountains Weirdness | Travis Walton | Missing 411 Convo
50:16 | Secrets in the Ceiling – Andrea [Story]
1:00:23 | The Weird Woods Behind My Childhood Home – Matt [ Story ]
1:05:17 | After the Accident – Shannon [ Story ]
1:10:19 | The Devils Lettuce – Shani [ Story ]



Creepy Clown Doll Falls From Sky, Terrorizes Woman

Micronesian Mysteriuos Man-made Islands

Cave Tracer – White Mountain Cave – Denise B and Hubby

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