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2.7 | Listener Stories - Strange Creatures - Ghosts - UFOs

Listener Stories – Strange Creatures, UFOs, and Graveyard Ghosts

Friends, gather ‘round! Ready for some fresh eyewitness accounts to a smorgasbord of strange goings ons?! Today, buried within the Belief Hole  are tales of glitching black dogs, teleporting tear-drop UFO’s, bell-wielding graveyard ghosts – just to name a few;)  So stoke the fire and poor a glass, because the Belief Hole is opening.. and she wants to tell you a story..

Animal ESP - Animal Telepathy - Belief Hole Podcast - Paranormal

ESP and Animal Telepathy

Have you ever heard your dog’s voice in your head, or known an old friend who you haven’t heard from in years was about to call? Is there a any ‘scientific’ reality to this phenomena we call ESP and Telepathy? In this episode, the brothers tune their minds to the silent frequencies in the ether, and explore the stories of extra-sensory communications with animals.

Van Meter Visitor and Flying Humanoids

For many, the ‘turn of the century’ conjures images of frontier adventures, suit-chocked smoke stacks of industrialization, or train tracks pointing toward westward expansion. But here in the Belief Hole, our attention is focused on the stranger side – tall (but perhaps true) tales of cowboys in a shoot-out with flying monsters, midwestern towns visited by strange, winged, flashlight-faced creatures, and cave dwelling, dirt digging dinosaurs from the inner earth.


Barricading the Boogeyman and Spirit Architecture

The creek of the closet door at 3 am, the sense of someone watching you from that one corner in your basement.. Always that corner!. The mysterious chicken bones you found above the doorway of your new apartment.. What if there is, in fact, something to these seemingly mystical experiences? ..What if the Boogeyman does exist? From el Coco to Babaroga, we pull on the common threads of cultural bogymen, present some chilling encounters, and explore the strange ways in which our world has learned to keep him out!

Living Sky Creatures and UFOs | Belief Hole Podcast

Living Sky Creatures – Monsters Above Us

When tentacles unravel from the night sky and pierce car windshields, when ‘clouds’ roam the skies against the wind and vomit on science teachers, when the sky opens up and rains blood.. You start to consider what monstrosities might be hiding within the expansive ocean of air above us! Sky creatures are real, and they’re hungry!

Spirits- Shapeshifters - Strange Travels - Belief Hole Podcast

Strange Travels: Spirits and Shapeshifters

The weary road warrior may encounter many a strange thing while braving the unfamiliar landscapes of our world. From Navajo Chindi spirits and Shapeshifters, to the Kwei and Azghun calling from the haunted Gobi Desert, this world is full of perils for the night traveler!

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