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Near Death Experiences and After Life Adventures

The greatest question of our reality: does the light our consciousness extinguish at the point of death, or rather free itself from its waxy form to journey into unknown realms of adventure and exploration? Since the 1960s, serious investigators have collected tens of thousands of accounts of Near-Death Experiences (or NDEs) from not only those who’ve claimed to have crossed the bridge to the other side and returned, but of families and healthcare workers who’ve witnessed and even partaken in the other-worldly experience. So charge up your defibrillators and prep the epinephrine, as we prepare to flatline, Kiefer Sutherland-style, and venture into the land of the dead.

Immortal Count de St Germain, Vampires, Secret Societies and the Phantom of Independence

In 1776 an unnamed, mysterious figure makes a fiery speech in favor of signing a Declaration, ensuring American independence. Who was this mysterious figure? Was he part of a secret brotherhood, a hidden hand guiding mankind through history? Join us as we track the alleged immortal alchemist, St Germain before hunting vampires in New Orleans.

Ouija Boards Gone Wild: Featuring ZOZO

Yes yes, it’s finally summertime. But who doesn’t want a little Halloween in July? Just because there’s sun outside and limes in your beer doesn’t mean the spirits still aren’t hiding in the dark, mysterious air-conditioned spaces in your home.

Be they spirits of the dead, trickster elementals, demonic scavengers, or magic of the mind, something is stirring within the fibers of the board.

Tonight we discuss spirit communication tools before the board (BTB), going all the way back to Pythagorus and his cult of mathematics. Then we dive into the dark- and ultimately tragic – Ouija Board obsession by certain authors and poets.

Finally, we uncover the secrets of ZOZO and explore the modern phenomena of this demonic, Ouija-exhumed entity, whose terrifying communications and conjurings have been witnessed by hundreds of people across the globe.

So get your rosary, burn your sage, and hold fast to the light as we peer once more into the dark mystery of the Ouija Board.

2.13- Listener Stories - Hauntings, Ghosts ,Sky Creatures - White Thang - Black Magic

Strange Listener Stories 3

These summer nights are alive with nocturnal secrets, and with them, the tails of never-ending strangeness that have always, and will forever, flavor our lives. We’ve heard the call of the night listener, and have come to share their confounding and terrifying experiences with you! Black Magic in India, Haunted homes with dark treasures, Strange creatures in the clouds and more, all await you in.. the Belief Hole.

Also.. Black Magic Blood Manifestations, Ghost Heart attacks and Bad Parenting with Clowns

Secret Space Program - Breakaway Civilization - Podcast

The Secret Space Program and the Breakaway Civilization

Is there a ‘Breakaway Civilization’ that’s been orbiting willy nilly around our planet for decades- using clandestine technologies to explore and colonize our solar system?! There is an ever-growing nebula of evidence and whistle blower testimony that cries yes! Bases on the Moon? Check. Silent, Black Triangles? Check. Presidential, extraterrestrial meetings? You know it! On this episode we follow the incredible claims and evidence deep into the Belief Hole. So strap in, you star-stepping rocket jokey, and join us for a classified, exploratory mission!

Also.. Brazilian Sky Battles, Pentagon Password Fail and Chris’ Spaceship Loneliness

Lost Ancient Technology - Forgotten History Podcast

Shadows of Ancient Technology and Forgotten History

What fantastical fragments of lost technology lie beneath the sands of time? What has already been discovered, yet remains cloaked in mystery?  Whispers of ancient nano-tech discoveries in the rivers of the Ural mountains?! Rumors of 20-ton, monster-made sarcophagi in narrow pyramid passageways?! Seemingly man-made nails, driven into Jurassic rock?! These mysteries (and more) we explore, on today’s Journey- millions of years deep into the ever-deepening Belief Hole!

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