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3.02 | Strange Voices, Talking Tricksters and Whispers in the Wood

‘Disembodied Voices: true accounts of hidden begins’ is a fascinating work by Tim Marczenko, wherein he recovers forgotten lore from private collections and research centers and speaks with witnesses who’ve encountered anomalous, disembodied voices- some that help, some that haunt, and some that seem to be hunting.. us!

Appalachian Magic - Witchcraft - Folklore - Mystery - Podcast

3.01 | Magic of Appalachia and Haints of the Holler

Some call it “Backwoods Magic”. Others say, “Hillfolk Hoodoo,” “Mountain Conjure”, or just “the Work.”

Whatever you call it, it is the enduring folk magic that haunts the hollers and lingers within the misty slopes of the Appalachian mountains.

Join us as we explore the wonder and rich tradition of practiced Appalachian folk Magic, as well as the fascinating (yet often overlooked) folklore and history region.


Expansion Episode | 2.19 EXP | Kids Say The Darkest Things And Nightmares In Babysitting

Is there something about the development of the child’s mind that allows them to remain connected with ‘the life before,’ or to see things from other worlds? From kids recounting past lives to describing the floating creature on the ceiling, we explore some of the creepiest things that kids have said and witnessed.


2.25 | Dark Fairies and Cloaked Creatures – Beyond Missing 411

Thunderbirds, Mantis Man and Fairies, Oh jeez! Strange and unexplained disappearances have become a fascination of folks interested in mysteries, the paranormal, and all flavors of the unknown, especially since David Paulide’s “Missing 411” has come on the scene. But it may be interesting and helpful to consider some fantastic creatures and strange entities that have been encountered in the wilderness and wilds of national parks and elsewhere, where so many have disappeared. Fairies and other supernatural beings have been a scapegoat for countless abductions and unexplained deaths across cultures since mankind first could first say “AHHHH!”


2.24 | Strange Listener Stories 5 – Glowing Forest Spirits, Walmart Wizards, and Secrets in the Ceiling!

If you doubt that there is still mystery and magic in the world, then all you need to do is crank the volume on yet another Strange Listener Stories episode! We’ve got glowing, forest beings, Walmart wizards, and Maniacal, manifesting clown dolls.. Just to name a few! So light a candle, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and prepare to.. be Disturbed.

Also.. Random Number Generating Final Destinations and Jon puts Jeremy in the Ceiling!

Lost Ancient Sound Technology - Secrets of Sound - Sonic Levitation - Binaural OBEs - Cymatics - Podcast

2.23 | Secrets of Sound – Levitation, Cymatics and Binaural OBEs

Oh supernatural, magical sound! Can you hear it? The sound of reality itself? All things come from vibration, after all, and on this episode we pull out our tuning forks and align the Belief Hole to the frequency of ancient audio intrigue and astral awesomeness! From sonic scepter-wielding Stargate gods, to OBE inducing Binaural beats, to stone-slinging Tibetan monks, we rediscover the lost art of harnessing the power of sound to bend the universe to our will!.. With much thanksgiving 😉

Also, cymatic madness, ladybug death threats, and Jeremy’s accidental astral abduction

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