Welcome, friends, to the Belief Hole! Looking for in depth stories and research on the unusual and unexplained? Join the brothers in their hilarious hunt for the bizarre and unbelievable. We’ve been waiting for you.


3.9 | Phone Calls from the Dead and Afterlife Disclosure

A startling ring in the middle of the night. The strange and distant voice on the line seems familiar, someone you’ve known, yet someone whose left this world behind. It’s a call that shouldn’t be possible- a transdimensional connection that defies our current understanding.. until now. Join us in the Hole as we peel back the pages of forgotten, ground breaking research to uncover the true stories of Phone Calls from the Dead and the innovators of both past and present whose mission of patching us through to the other side is becoming a potential reality.


3.8 | Highway Horrors and Roads to Elsewhere

The road is long, and its dark and lonely turns lure unsuspecting victims for the unnamable things that lie in wait to feed. We’ve all heard the stories, and some unfortunates among us have even experienced, a confounding and hellish visitation by some ‘strange other’ while on the road. So flip on your high beams, because there’s a dimly lit detour ahead.. through the Belief Hole!


3.7 | Pyramid UFOs Haunt the Sky! Pentagon UFO Disclosure or Deception

Are silent and spinning, black pyramids watching us from the skies above? What are they and where do they come from? How did the paranormal experience of a DIA scientist at Skinwalker Ranch spark the beginnings of a now disclosed Pentagon UFO (UAP) Program? And if disclosure is coming, can we trust those who claim to be revealing ‘the truth’?.. Grab your night vision goggles and your best running shoes, because tonight we explore the clandestine skies and the secrets they keep!

strange listener stories 7 - belief-hole-paranormal-podcast-crawler-story-ufos-ghosts

3.6 | Strange Listener Stories 7 – Backyard Crawler, Whispering Shadows and Buildings in the Sky

Gather round, ye Belieflings, as we present select strange but true stories. From Neighborhood Crawlers and floating building-like UFOs to Massage Mediumship and Phantom Cocktail Parties, we tilt back our snouts of the supernatural and sniff the sweet bouquet of the unexplained.

Bridgewater Triangle - Puckwudgie Paranormal - Hockomock Swamp - True Stories - Folklore - Podcast

3.05 | Bridgewater Triangle – Puckwudgies and Paranormal in Hockomock Swamp

Among the foreboding forests and ancient swamps of New England stirs a sleepless force – a fuel for unusual phenomena. Described as a ‘Paranormal Disney World’, the Bridgewater Triangle is a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal activity and high strangeness and unexplained phenomena.


3.04 | Broadcasts from the Beyond, ITC and Marcello Bacci’s Spirit Radio

Our story begins with a man and his vacuum tube radio in Grosseto, Italy, in 1949. There Marcello Bacci sat, one hand caressing his radio, and the other carefully turning the dial, tuning in his strange transmissions… voices from beyond. Voices of the dead.

Are these really the voices of the dead? Is there a way to tune in voices and images from dimensions beyond ours? What might we learn from these strange transmissions and broadcasts from beyond?


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