Scary Stories for Campfires, The Real Annabelle Doll and other Haunted Artifacts

From stories and lore of the Banshee to infamous demonic dolls, we stoke the fire with true tales of nightmarish things. It’s that time of year, so come friend, have a seat by the fire.

Real Men In Black and The Maury Island Incident

What do flying saucers, poltergeists, and monster sightings all have in common? O.G. paranormal researcher, John Keel, would argue that they’re examples of experiences with ‘ultraterrestrials’.. Let’s dig into some of the clandestine goings ons of these gothically clad g-men and hear stories that call into question their human origin.

Hollow Earth Theory and the Secret Antarctic War

Today, whispers of The Hollow Earth Theory, its cultural lore, historical record and intriguing new scientific evidence echo through the deep tunnels of the Belief Hole. Could there be a world beneath our feet bustling with the activities of an advanced civilization? Join us as we excavate the Belief Hole to find the hidden, hollow earth!

Navy’s UFO Splash, EVPs and Ghostly Voices

In the first half of our return episode, we rocket into tales of the recent naval UFO dogfight disclosure. Then we dim the lights, and light some candles and listen to some ghostly voices caught on tape. SPOOKY.

Astral Projection Animal Attacks, Psychotropic Realms and the Silver Cord

On this episode, we ride the vibes once again and gallop off into the astral plane with more tales of out of body experiences, astral animal attacks and visits to the mysterious DMT realm. Is there a multidimensional umbilical cord that connects us to the other side of the veil, and if so, what sort of entities might it be vulnerable to?

Belief Hole - Announcements

Announcements, Episode Ideas and Worm People

Things are shifting and changes are afoot in the Belief Hole, and we wanted to give you guys a heads up of what’s in store for the show. So here are some announcements and off the cuff the convo on: Phantom Time, Tartaria, the Bell Witch, Bermuda Triangle and the armor-wearing, worm-people knights of the Middle Ages.. yep, it gets weird.


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