Welcome, friends, to the Belief Hole! Looking for in depth stories and research on the unusual and unexplained? Join the brothers in their hilarious hunt for the bizarre and unbelievable. We’ve been waiting for you.

Strange Listener Stories 14 | Haunted Paintings, Static Spirits and Hawaiian Succubus - Paranormal Podcast

4.7 Strange Listener Stories 14 | Haunted Paintings, Static Spirits and Hawaiian Succubus

From insane asylum key masters to Hawaiian spirit seduction, we pull at the threads of the ever-thinning veil as we arrive halfway to Halloween to bring you true and terrifying tales of the inexplicable and the unknown!


4.6 | Mystery of the Tsarichina Hole, Psychic Attack and Buried Entities

In 1990 Bulgaria, a story is whispered in the small village of Tsarichina. A secret buried beneath the earth. But the promise of ancient treasure quickly becomes the quest for an ancient being – a cosmic progenitor of all human life…

Dark Amusements Part 2 - Haunted Theme Parks , Haunted Disney, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park - Paranormal Podcast

4.3 | Dark Amusements 2: Haunted Lake Shawnee Amusement Park and Disneyland Ghost Stories

Ah yes, who doesn’t love the joyful escape that is the amusement park? But beneath the din of cheerful screams and creaking coasters, what darkness lurks?

From aviator apparitions at Universal Studios to the cursed and sacred grounds of Lake Shawnee, and with a final stop at Disney’s dark side, we explore some of the creepiest accounts from the happiest places on earth.


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