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Bridgewater Triangle - Puckwudgie Paranormal - Hockomock Swamp - True Stories - Folklore - Podcast

3.05 | Bridgewater Triangle – Puckwudgies and Paranormal in Hockomock Swamp

Among the foreboding forests and ancient swamps of New England stirs a sleepless force – a fuel for unusual phenomena. Described as a ‘Paranormal Disney World’, the Bridgewater Triangle is a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal activity and high strangeness and unexplained phenomena.


3.04 | Broadcasts from the Beyond, ITC and Marcello Bacci’s Spirit Radio

Our story begins with a man and his vacuum tube radio in Grosseto, Italy, in 1949. There Marcello Bacci sat, one hand caressing his radio, and the other carefully turning the dial, tuning in his strange transmissions… voices from beyond. Voices of the dead.

Are these really the voices of the dead? Is there a way to tune in voices and images from dimensions beyond ours? What might we learn from these strange transmissions and broadcasts from beyond?


3.03 | Strange Listener Stories 6 – Soft Touches in the Closet, Graveyard Dogman and Shadow People in the Walls

Shadow People in the Walls, Child Eating Ceiling Creepers, Vanishing Felines and Astral Spiders are just some of the fuel for this strange bonfire of the bizarre! The Belief Hole is humming with her terrifying exultation, so join us as we explore her cavernous subterranean landscape and purge her most curious and creepolicious tales!


3.02 | Strange Voices, Talking Tricksters and Whispers in the Wood

‘Disembodied Voices: true accounts of hidden begins’ is a fascinating work by Tim Marczenko, wherein he recovers forgotten lore from private collections and research centers and speaks with witnesses who’ve encountered anomalous, disembodied voices- some that help, some that haunt, and some that seem to be hunting.. us!

Appalachian Magic - Witchcraft - Folklore - Mystery - Podcast

3.01 | Magic of Appalachia and Haints of the Holler

Some call it “Backwoods Magic”. Others say, “Hillfolk Hoodoo,” “Mountain Conjure”, or just “the Work.”

Whatever you call it, it is the enduring folk magic that haunts the hollers and lingers within the misty slopes of the Appalachian mountains.

Join us as we explore the wonder and rich tradition of practiced Appalachian folk Magic, as well as the fascinating (yet often overlooked) folklore and history region.


Expansion Episode | 2.19 EXP | Kids Say The Darkest Things And Nightmares In Babysitting

Is there something about the development of the child’s mind that allows them to remain connected with ‘the life before,’ or to see things from other worlds? From kids recounting past lives to describing the floating creature on the ceiling, we explore some of the creepiest things that kids have said and witnessed.


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