Welcome, friends, to the Belief Hole! Looking for in depth stories and research on the unusual and unexplained? Join the brothers in their hilarious hunt for the bizarre and unbelievable. We’ve been waiting for you.


4.19 | Strange Listener Stories 17! Sky Creature Attacks, BBQ Goblins, and Secret Bases of Antarctica!

From back yard run-ins with grinning goblins, to clandestine missions under the ice of Antarctica, on this episode of Belief Hole, join us as we cast a light into the dark and forgotten passageways of this world, and explore true and terrifying tales of inexplicable and the unknown! 


4.18 | Missing 411: Portal Theory – Fairies, Bigfoot, National Parks Mysteries

On this episode of Belief Hole, we attempt to search the furthest boundaries of our reality and open the unseen doors. While Cross correlating new scientific discoveries in quantum physics with ancient tribal and fairy lore, we recount witness reports of real portals appearing from places as wild as remote wilderness to as familiar as your own backyard. Join us as we endeavor to explore, Missing 411 – Portal Theory.

Inhuman Imposters, NIghtmare Trolls, Mimics, and the Owlman! Strange Listener Stories 16 | 4.15

4.15 | Inhuman Imposters, Nightmare Trolls, Mimics, and the Owlman! Strange Listener Stories 16

From four-foot troll-faces demons, to black hounds slinking through the graveyards, the season of the supernatural is upon us. So bolt the doors and keep your smile from being too inviting, as sinister things may be hiding behind human masks of the living!




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