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Illuminati Influence and Secret Society Symbolism

Illuminati Influence and Secret Society Infiltration

Any conspiracy theorist worth his salt has experienced being the weird guy at the party, trying to recount some evidence to prove his perspective after maybe one too many bourbons, and then suddenly asked.. “so who are THEY anyway?” If you’ve been in this position, well fear not! On this episode we’re going to track the origins of the Illuminati and provide some evidence for it’s potential infiltration into the unsuspecting brotherhood of the Freemasons and continued influence in society today.

We summon and analyze archaic letters from George Washington admitting his concern of Illuminati corruption of early America before opening the closet to expose a couple skeletons of the Skull and Bones Then finally, we peer through the esoteric firelight of the Bohemian Grove to expose it’s creepy naked elite attendees while analyzing evidence for it’s direct connection to the Bavarian Illuminati.

Also.. Jeremy ‘gets by’, Jon thinks snakes have arms, and Chris accidentally gets a demonic maternity pillow

Haunted Lighthouse Lore

Haunted Lighthouse Lore and Waters of the Occult

At the edge of the world, one person stands to face the mysterious foggy abyss that is the sea. This is the isolating, maddening, treacherous job of the lighthouse keeper. And although automation has relegated much of this harrowing work to occupational history, there are many bizarre, creepy and mysterious happenings that make up the lantern-lit library of lighthouse lore.

From first hand accounts of occult vandalism and ghostly restroom requesters at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, to the classic and captivating ghost girl hauntings/ lost lighthouse keeper spirits of the Seguin Lighthouse, we explore the mystery and possible explanations behind the seemingly supernatural phenomena in the craggy mists of these iconic places, and discuss the kraken, fortean fog, and all matter of paranormal at the prosperous of landly existence. Join us, won’t you?


True Scary Campfire Stories – Creepy encounters

Camping- Is there a better summertime tradition? Of course not! Whether you’re backpacking with old friends or hunkering down in a cabin with strangers at summer camp, it’s a unique human experience that’s guaranteed to forge inescapable nostalgia. But at Camp Belief Hole, woodland monsters stalk the backpackers, and those strangers in the cabin with you.. aren’t quite human. So join us around the fire, as we tell true tales of kayaking witches, slime-throated dogmen, the buzz-kill that is Mosquito Man and everything in between!


Near Death Experiences and After Life Adventures

The greatest question of our reality: does the light our consciousness extinguish at the point of death, or rather free itself from its waxy form to journey into unknown realms of adventure and exploration? Since the 1960s, serious investigators have collected tens of thousands of accounts of Near-Death Experiences (or NDEs) from not only those who’ve claimed to have crossed the bridge to the other side and returned, but of families and healthcare workers who’ve witnessed and even partaken in the other-worldly experience. So charge up your defibrillators and prep the epinephrine, as we prepare to flatline, Kiefer Sutherland-style, and venture into the land of the dead.

Immortal Count de St Germain, Vampires, Secret Societies and the Phantom of Independence

In 1776 an unnamed, mysterious figure makes a fiery speech in favor of signing a Declaration, ensuring American independence. Who was this mysterious figure? Was he part of a secret brotherhood, a hidden hand guiding mankind through history? Join us as we track the alleged immortal alchemist, St Germain before hunting vampires in New Orleans.

Ouija Boards Gone Wild: Featuring ZOZO

Yes yes, it’s finally summertime. But who doesn’t want a little Halloween in July? Just because there’s sun outside and limes in your beer doesn’t mean the spirits still aren’t hiding in the dark, mysterious air-conditioned spaces in your home.

Be they spirits of the dead, trickster elementals, demonic scavengers, or magic of the mind, something is stirring within the fibers of the board.

Tonight we discuss spirit communication tools before the board (BTB), going all the way back to Pythagorus and his cult of mathematics. Then we dive into the dark- and ultimately tragic – Ouija Board obsession by certain authors and poets.

Finally, we uncover the secrets of ZOZO and explore the modern phenomena of this demonic, Ouija-exhumed entity, whose terrifying communications and conjurings have been witnessed by hundreds of people across the globe.

So get your rosary, burn your sage, and hold fast to the light as we peer once more into the dark mystery of the Ouija Board.

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